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The most powerful platform for measuring & improving student motivation, academic achievement & performance.
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Your students are our priority

The student engagement platform that actually engages.
We believe your students should have as great an experience with PocketPulse as they do with consumer applications they are familiar with. That's how we achieve response rates over 95% with minimal fatigue.

Real-time analytics

Actionable insights into what really matters; your students.
PocketPulse automatically collects student feedback, analyzes it, and then delivers you the insights you need to improve their engagement levels. In real time.

Proven methodology

Robust statistics is at the heart of all our insights.
Surveys and recommendations backed by decades of psychological theory and research, built by experts in the industry.

Maximize Student Engagement, Motivation and Performance

Ic nation
National Benchmarking

Metrics aren't that useful without anything to compare them to. Compare results internally - by class or cohort and externally against hundreds of thousands of students nationally.

Ic increase academic
Increase Academic Performance

Engagement strengthens academic achievement, mental wellbeing and locus of control in terms of learning. Consequently, engaged students earn better grades and perform better on standardized tests.

Ic reduce rates
Reduce Dropout Rates

Engaged students experience greater enjoyment from learning and find it more meaningful. Engagement drastically reduces the likelihood of dropping out of school.